Savary Shores Improvement District was incorporated in 1980 to provide drinking water to residents of Savary Shores. Residents pay for the water service, and for the operations, infrastructure and administration, in annual tax levies issued by SSID, in accordance with BC Provincial regulations. Read more . . .


The SSID aquifer contains clean untreated drinking water. We conduct Monthly Water Reports from 8 locations in Savary Shores to test for e-coli and total coliforms, and monthly Nitrates Tests from both wells. Twice per year, a Full-Spectrum analysis shows the levels of multiple components of our water.

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February 14, 2018

Assessment Notices 2018 were issued February 5. The purpose of the Assessment is to identify your property as either a District Tax lot, or a Connection + District Tax lot. District Tax identifies your property as being in Savary Shores, and the Connection Tax identifies your property as being connected to the SSID water system. The deadline for assessment appeals is February 24. Tax Levies will be based on the assessments, and will be issued at the end of March.

Excess Water Use Tolls invoices were issued January 1, 2018. Trustees have set the rate at $1.00 per cubic meter over the 100 cubic meters allotted per parcel in the 2017 calendar year. If you did not receive an invoice, you...

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