About Us

Savary Shores Improvement District was incorporated in 1980 to deliver drinking water to residents of Savary Shores. Residents pay for the water service, and for the infrastructure, operations, and administration, in annual tax levies issued by SSID, in accordance with BC Provincial regulations.

SSID decisions are made by a Board of 3 elected Trustees. An administrator manages the taxation and daily affairs. Two operators maintain the waterworks infrastructure. A meter reader records monthly changes in water consumption at each property. And a water sampler takes monthly water samples at 8 locations in Savary Shores, and submits them to Vancouver Coastal Health for analysis.

Savary Shores encompasses 224 lots, of which 163 are currently serviced with water connections. Water is pumped from 2 wells drawing on Savary Island's main aquifer about 110 feet below ground. Two electric pumps run by a diesel generator pull water to two steel reservoir tanks: a 40,000 Imperial gallon tank on the ground, and a 10,000 Imperial gallon tank on a steel tower.

Water is distributed to Savary Shores lots by a network of pipes running underground alongside the roads of the subdivision. The subdivision is served by 13 fire hydrants at intervals throughout the system, as well as various pressure release valves and gateway valves.