Nitrates Tables

Nitrates are a product of sewerage breakdown. In Canada, the safe limit set for nitrates in drinking water is 10mg/L. Savary Shores well-1 water had been in a stable range of 3.25-3.66 mg/L for 15 years, and the younger well-2 had been a stable range of 1.95-2.01 mg/L for 2 years. In 2017, both readings jumped inexplicably to peaks of 5.14 and 2.61 mg/L. To monitor the situation, SSID's Water Sampler is now taking nitrates tests monthly. Since the spike, nitrates levels have declined. This Nitrates Table shows data up to June 2018. See also the Nitrate Fact Sheet.pdf at bottom of this page.

Nitrates Table June 2018


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