Since the inception of Savary Shores Improvement District in 1980, the District has issued over 100 bylaws. Some have been repealed, some superseded, some amended, and some must be rewritten every year.

The most important 4 bylaws affecting property owners are: the Water Use Bylaw 102 which outlines the responsibilities of the District and the property owners, the Excess Water Toll Bylaw 120 which sets a price per cubic meter of water use that is greater than the 100 cubic meter allotment of the previous year, the Assessment Bylaw 121 which determines how tax classes will be defined for the year, and the Taxation Bylaw 124 which specifies the taxes payable for the different assessments.

In response to a directive from the Drinking Water Officer, SSID has been writing a new bylaw, still in draft stage, and to be adopted this year 2018. The draft bylaw, called Drinking Water Protection Bylaw no. 123, was discussed by the Trustees and the community during the AGM on Saturday April 14 2018. The bylaw is currently in its 9th draft. The final reading is scheduled for a public hearing on Sunday August 5 2018.