Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recent SSID Minutes. All 2018 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For 2017 and 2016 Minutes, please see the Archived Minutes page.

Trustee Meeting
May 3, 2018, 10:00 am
Miles residence and by conference call

At Miles residence: Trustee Bryan Miles, Administrator Janine Reimer
On conference: Trustee Chair Dale Gregory, Trustee John Revitt

1. Approval of the agenda Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.

2. Draft Bylaw Revisions
Chair Gregory led the trustees through draft-7 of the bylaw, for discussion.

In the Definitions section, discussion showed that the term “Authorized Person” —meaning in this context the Sewerage System Regulation term for a person who may install a septic system— was being interpreted as any person authorized by the trustees to enter onto land. The administrator said she would replace it with the specific “Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner.”

It was determined that in section 3.1, it might not be a trustee or employee that will have to enter on a resident’s land, as it could be police for example, so that section was to be revised to include the option to approve another person to enter on the land.

It was mentioned that the restriction on family pet burials could be contentious.

In the Definitions section, It was determined that “Setback Area” should be defined in the same way as the Groundwater Protection Zone, citing Schedule A’s black outlined area.

In the definition of “Wellhead,” Trustee Miles asked that the address be confirmed.

The Chair recommended that no new pit toilet or privy be permitted in the Groundwater Protection Zone, and existing pit toilets be removed and by a specified date, such as July 1, 2019.

Trustees agreed with the Drinking Water Officer’s suggestion of adding “holding tank” and “privy” to the regulations. The Administrator was asked to contact the Drinking Water Officer regarding grandfathering of holding tanks and privies. Administrator to ask the DWO

In the definitions section, “Pit Toilet” and “Holding Tank” should be included and defined.

Trustees agreed with the Drinking Water Officer’s suggestion that regulations of the Setback Area be separated from the Groundwater Protection Zone, and not allow new sewerage, holding tanks, privies, or farm animals, in the Setback Area.

Trustee Revitt noted that contaminants could enter the Groundwater Protection Zone from rusting vehicle fuel tanks in old vehicles parked at the Rogers Hall (lot-40). The Administrator was asked to draft a letter to the parking lot owner Powell River Regional District advising them of the new regulations and requiring removal of derelict vehicles. Administrator to draft letter to PRRD.

The Administrator reminded the trustees that the third reading must be at a public meeting, so is scheduled for the Summer General Meeting on August 5, which is 3 months away.

Administrator to make bylaw revisions and send to trustees before next meeting

3. Next meeting
Trustee Meeting, Monday June 11, 10am, at Miles residence.

4. Adjournment Moved Trustee Chair Gregory
11:25 am

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