Minutes of Meetings

• Directly below are the adopted minutes from the Operations Meeting of April 24, 2024.
• The April 25 Finance Meeting Minutes and June 13 2024 Operations Meeting Minutes will be posted after adoption, at meeting dates to be determined.
• The July 30 2023 Annual General Meeting Minutes PDF on this page is a draft to be adopted at the 2024 AGM in July.
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Trustee / Operations Meeting

4:30 pm Wednesday, April 24, 2024
via Zoom

Present: Chair Bryan Miles, Trustee Lee Davis, Trustee Brent Brucker, Operator Kerby Fisher, Administrator Janine Reimer, Electrical Consultant Neil McLean.

1. Approval of the Agenda Moved L.Davis, 2nd B.Brucker. Carried.

2. Approval of the Minutes
Operations Meeting of November 21 Moved B.Brucker, 2nd L.Davis. Carried.

3. Operator’s Report K.Fisher

(1) Operator’s Report February
The operator reported that on Saturday February 3, he had done the flushing of standpipes at Campbell Way, Cedar Way and Phyllis Road, but not at the end of Manahan, as he would have had to flush the water into lot-C’s construction area. It was discussed that before next year’s flush, we could contact the owners at Lot-C to determine a flushing area.

The operator said he had supplied an updated gate valves spreadsheet with his February email report, showing he had completed the exercising of all gate valves. He had also exercised the valves in the valve chamber, except the interconnect valve, and had flushed out still water from the drain lines at both tanks. He had fixed the generator-1 building’s door latch, and replaced some broken standpipe caps, and had insulated the pex pipes in the valve chamber.

The operator had also met with electrical consultant Neil McLean to discuss generator issues, and with the administrator to confirm inventory quantities. He had done maintenance checks on the diesel generators, golf cart, and portable generator, and exercised generators-1 and -2 under load of heaters.

(2) Operator’s Report April
The operator reported that on Saturday April 20, he had checked the reported meter box leak at lots-96/97, but as no residents were present to confirm that all fixtures were closed, the operator chose to do the work at another time.

The operator had supplied photos with his April email report, and explained that each of the 13 hydrants had its own dead end between the watermain and the hydrant, and that the still water in the dead ends was brown and cloudy. He had flushed 11 dead ends, but not at hydrants-2 and -12 which will be replaced soon.

He said that when he tried to start generator-2 from the pump house, it had sputtered and stalled, but he was able to start it manually at the machine.

(3) Hydrants replacement update
The operator said hydrant-2 at Blair Rd & Arbutus Rd and hydrant-12 at Manahan Rd & Patricia Cres were planned for replacement on either the weekend of May 3-4 or May 10-11. He said he’d be needing ground fill for both, as they were low in the ground. The administrator said she would ask a nearby neighbour if they would be willing to part with some excess sand on their property.

4. Electrical B.Miles, N.McLean
Trustee Miles reviewed the discussion he had had with electrician Mark Long regarding lithium battery and solar possibilities at the well lot for the purpose of replacing lead-acid batteries that keep the Thomson controller charged. Neil was open to the solution, but said we’d still need a winter solution. He had done the math and determined that a 48v battery with 3-phase charger(s) would be suitable to SSID’s needs. As a ballpark budget, he suggested $10,000 might cover the project.

There was much discussion of different approaches to address the continuous Thomson controller’s electricity draw, including removing the controller, reprogramming it, turning it off in the winter, installing a different controller; also battery storage, charging frequency, daytime use only; accessing products through local suppliers; and obtaining a Field Service Representative.

The trustees asked Neil to research and report on budgets for a minimum and a maximum battery solution. The operator suggested that the controller battery issues could be partially solved as well, and could be budgeted as such.

5. Upper Tank J.Reimer
The administrator had attended the upper tank inspection and painting, and had forwarded the inspection report to the trustees and operator. She summarized the report’s conclusion that the vertical steel and roof were both in good condition, while the bottom was 50 percent compromised in areas. Welder Jonathan Kapitan recommended wire-whisking off the surface rust, treating the rusted areas with a rust converter, and painting over with a rust inhibitor paint, then inspecting again yearly. Chris Clark, who had completed the cleaning, rust treatment and painting with Tremclad, recommended having a new inspection in 2-3 years.

The administrator said that whether repairing or replacing the tank, logistics were multifold, including mobilization of large equipment, seismic code, and maintaining pressure for the upper system. She suggested that first steps involve costing out the project.

6. Task List J.Reimer
The administrator said that new Maintenance Contractor Lisa Jackson had completed a number of work orders, and was waiting on the administrator to buy meter box lids.

7. Next Meeting mid-June, date to be determined

8. Adjournment B.Miles
5:45 PM