Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recently adopted 2019 SSID Minutes.
2018 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For 2017 and 2016 Minutes, please see the Archived Minutes page.


Trustee Meeting
October 22, 2019, 10:03am
Miles residence and on conference.
Present: Trustee Chair Dale Gregory, Trustee Bryan Miles.
On conference: Trustee John Revitt, Operator Courtney Robertson, Administrator Janine Reimer.
1. Approval of the agenda  Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
2. Approval of the Minutes
2a. August 1 Trustee Meeting  Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
2b. August 1 In Camera Meeting  Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
3. Motion to move In Camera  Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
Trustees came out on In Camera and reported that they had discussed an issue.
2. continued Approval of the Minutes.
2c. Summer Information Meeting  Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
4. Operator’s Report  C.Robertson
4a. New meter installations
The operator reported that she and Glen Moore had completed 2019’s scheduled meter replacements in September. She listed lots-130, -147, -173, --201, and -219 as the 5 new meters in service. She reported that all meters in the shed had now been used. She noted that when replacing meters on a closed curbstop, she is reluctant to turn on the water to test the meter.
4b. Meter testing at Fred Surridge
The operator said that the meters would be tested to verify that the propeller is calibrated accurately.
4c. Standpipe safety
The operator reported she’d been in discussion with qathet Regional District Emergency Services Coordinator Melanie Thoms regarding the fire department’s use of standpipes and hydrants. Fire department members would no longer use SSID standpipes for practice or real fire events, as the standpipe pits were considered confined spaces. The operator said she had been in communication with Deputy Chief Dan Orlando about correct operation of hydrants.
The operator suggested there could be ways to operate the valves without having to enter pits, such as using a valve key from the surface.
The administrator said the standpipes are therefore out of commission as an emergency option in a real fire event. Trustee Miles said that hydrants are spaced so as to adequately cover the District, and the operator agreed the hydrants were enough.
5. Administrator’s Report.  J.Reimer
5a. Bank balances and fund transfer
The administrator reviewed the previous day’s bank account balances.
5b. Taxes $710.00 outstanding
The administrator said she’d had not been successful so far in locating the owner of the last unpaid tax for 2019.
5c. New Owners’ Package
The administrator reviewed the changes made to the New Owners’ letter, which included a paragraph about pit toilets.
5c (i) Bylaw 127 Enacted
The administrator said she had written new Bylaw 127, as directed by government financial advisor Joshua Craig who said a bylaw was necessary to charge a fee, and that the bylaw did not need government approval, only registration.
The Chair provided the three readings of Bylaw no.127, and the bylaw was enacted.
5d. Updated Customer List
The Chair asked that future customer lists highlight the changes since the previous version.
Administrator to reissue the list with high-lit changes
5e. Bryan Jackson Visit
The Administrator said she’d be picking up BC Groundwater Technician Bryan Jackson at the dock 9:10 a.m. October 23. Chair Gregory offered to help Bryan during his well data setup in The Nature Trust.
6. Trustee Report  Trustee Miles
6a. Calendar of Events
Trustee Miles confirmed that the months of nitrates testing in 2020 would be January and July, and that the full spectrum tests of April and September would provide the additional 2 nitrates results, for a total of 4 nitrates readings per year.
6b. Pre-Budget Review of 5-Year Plan 6b (i) Refurbish Storage Building
Trustee Miles summarized the refurbishments so far to the storage building, including the lighting installation and Honda 2000 setup. The administrator had provided estimate options for painting the interior with a mold-killing primer Kilz or regular primer, and an option to paint the floor. Trustees agreed on the Kilz primer, but not the floor, and said the project could be done in the 2019 fiscal. The Chair called for a motion.
THAT the Administrator ask Chris Philpott and Garry Flett to proceed, as estimated at $2,592.69, with painting the interior of the storage shed walls and ceiling, starting with Kilz primer, as part of SSID’s storage shed refurbishment in 2019.  Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
Administrator to ask the painters to proceed
Trustee Miles said he would install a sill plate under the man-door to prevent mice from entering. He said that the operator would decide the shelving locations.
Operator to determine shelving locations
6b (ii) Re-Key Security System
Trustee Miles had not yet decided whether re-keying should be electronic or manual, and said he was reluctant to re-key all access points and padlocks.
6b (iii) Secondary Access Portal to Upper Tank
Trustee Miles asked the operator her thoughts on a secondary access portal. She agreed the project was worthwhile, as it is another confined space. Trustee Miles said it should be a budget consideration at some point.
6b (iv) Standpipes Above-Ground Operation
Trustee Miles said the standpipe changes would be in the 2020 budget. The operator said that the lids also need replacement.
6b (v) Chain-link Fence Enclosure at Well-2
The enclosure could be a 2020 or 2021 budget item.
6b (vi) Perimeter Signage
The signage could also go on the well enclosure.
6b (vii) Assess Impact of Official Community Plan, due for qRD review
6b (viii) Consider Replacement of Pump and Screen at Well-1
6b (ix) Fire Hydrant Replacement
It was discussed that the hydrants are not in immediate need of replacement, and that the operator had projected 2025 as a possible start date for replacement. She said that 3 hydrants are having issues draining, but otherwise all are in good operating order.
6b (x) Inspection of Tanks
It was determined that the professional internal inspection of both reservoirs had last been done in 2017, so should be scheduled again for 2020.
Operator to schedule tank inspection for 2020
6b (xi) Meter Replacement
Continue as scheduled.
6b (xii) Continue to Maximize Contributions to Asset Renewal Fund
6b (xiii) Water Loss Research
The meter tests will shed light on the differential, which is currently at 577 cubic meters, and within the parameters of what is acceptable.
7. Next Meeting  Budget meeting, date TBD
8. Adjournment  Chair Gregory
Meeting adjourned 11:28am.