Water Studies

The most recent water quality reports may be found at Monthly Water Reports, Nitrates Tables, and Full Spectrum Reports.

Other studies included here are the 2021 Hydrogeology Journal's Savary Sea-Level Rise Aquifer Study, the 2017 Well Protection Plan, the 2008 Source-To-Tap study, Tupper's 1996 preliminary hydrogeological report for all of Savary, 1995 water survey maps 1st page and 2nd page, and Livingston's 1970 pumping test. The Savary Aquifer Details show withdrawals and recharge in cubic metres per year, as at 2018.

The chart below shows water level fluctuations at the observation well in Savary Shores from January 26 2023 through January 26 2024. The lowest point in April was due to a tank inspection that required refilling 40,000 gallons into the tank over a few days. The lowest points in July and August correspond with long weekend usage. The first point of 2024 is January 1st at 2am, showing 21.896 meters water depth at the observation well.

Water Levels 2023.png