Property Owners' Responses

Dear Property Owners of Savary Shores Improvement District,

SSID received 23 email responses to its newsletter distributed October 31 to Savary Shores property owners. All responses were helpful in understanding the community’s viewpoints on the generator issue. We also recognize that the majority of the community did not respond.

The responses are confidential, but are summarized below. The original emails will be kept on file for legal or governmental review, should either be necessary.

Most respondents were opposed to any more expenditures on this issue, with many commenting it may not be resolvable.

No respondents favoured the option to automatically fill the tanks just before night. Two respondents were in favour of the battery bank option, and two others said they might be in favour depending on how expensive and how soon future battery replacements would be.

Some suggested alternative approaches, including a comparison of noise standards in similar communities, and a professional decibel test at and inside the complainants’ house.

There were some responses that were one-of-a-kind, so not summarized here.

We thank all who replied, and have considered this helpful feedback in our decisions. Neither of the two options proposed at the AGM for further addressing the complaint will be included in the 2024 budget.

On the related topic of a large solar-powered project, understandably there was little feedback, as it is still in concept stage. This expensive project is not in the 2024 budget, but will be reconsidered annually as a future possibility for the water system.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and a bright new year.


Trustees Bryan Miles, Lee Davis, Brent Brucker
Savary Shores Improvement District

Date of Notice December 15, 2023