2024 Notices of Tax Levy were issued March 27 and 28, 2024.

Payment to SSID may be made by Interac etransfer to or by cheque or bank draft payable to Savary Shores Improvement District, mailed to SSID, Box 176, 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Lund BC  V0N 2G0.

SSID does not issue receipts. Your etransfer confirmation, cheque copy, or bank draft copy, is your receipt.

Your tax notice shows either Class A or Class B for the 2024 calendar year. The Connection Tax is only applicable to Class A parcels that have an approved connection by which water can be supplied from the SSID Waterworks. The District Tax and Asset Renewal Levy are applicable to all taxable parcels in the Improvement District, both Class A and B.

May 1 2024 was the deadline for early payments in order to receive the early-pay discount. The amounts payable as at May 2 2024 are $955.00 for Class A and $625 for Class B, in 2024. Interest on unpaid 2024 taxes will be applied on March 1 2025, as directed by the Provincial government.

Residents connected to the waterworks are allotted 100 cubic metres of water per calendar year. Those who use more water than the year's allotment are invoiced an Excess Use Toll in January of the following year. The Trustees set the 2023 domestic-use rate at $1.50 per cubic metre overage, in accordance with Excess Tolls Bylaw 132. If you did not receive an Excess Toll invoice in January 2024, you did not exceeded your 2023 allotment. Tolls not paid by the February 29 2024 deadline were subject to a 20 percent penalty. The rate for 2024 excess will be determined before year-end.

Savary Shores has 43 properties that are not yet connected to the water system. Property owners interested in receiving water may Apply for a Water Connection, by downloading the form on this site, or by contacting the administrator at or 604-414-8448, or by mail to 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Savary Island BC  V0N 2G0.

The charge for a first-time connection is $1,000.

The charge for a disconnection, or a re-connection, is $100.

A disconnection changes that property's assessment from Tax Class A to Tax Class B, so is taxable as Class-B at the next March tax notice. If that property is re-connected in the same tax year that it was disconnected, the re-connection will result in an amount owing equal to the difference that would have been paid as a Tax Class A. This is to prevent disconnections and re-connections intended to avoid Tax Class A.

In 2019, we compared SSID’s taxes per household to similar water districts, and found SSID taxes to be less than those districts:
• 2019 Lund Water Works $850.00 after early-pay discount. Source: Lund Water Works Improvement District
• 2019 Myrtle Pond Water System, south of Powell River, $1,275. Source: 2019 Financial Plan, qathet Regional District
• 2019 Beddis, Sticks Allison, Fulford, and Highlands/Fernwood households, all in the Capital Regional District, ranging from $1,465 to $2,030. Source: Lund Water District Water System Condition Assessment, McElhanney.